IPG Wellness Services Inc.

Our Mission Statement

IPG stands for “I Phil Good” and that is exactly what we are about. We do not transform individuals into bodybuilders and magazine models or promise unrealistic results. We offer a full service approach that will transform individuals into the best version of themselves. Whether your goal is to burn calories, become stronger, gain confidence, increase energy, improve nutritional habits, maximize your potential or to simply create life balance, we can help. We are a professional, caring and passionate company and we want to work with you so at the end of the day you can say “I Phil Good” and truly mean it!

Our Vision

At IPG, we truly believe SMART lifestyle habits that include exercise, sound nutrition and stress management through proper coaching will lead to a strong body, a focused mind, and a long, productive, fulfilling life!

Meet your coaches

  • Sylvie
  • Nicole
  • Phil
    Founder & Head Coach
  • Angela

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Sylvie Godbout

Manager – Group Exercise Classes

Locations – Howard Grant

Contact: sylvieipgwellness@gmail.com | 613.290.7713


Nicole Houle

Manager – Group Exercise Classes

Locations – Les Terrasses Francesca, Saint Émilion, The Normand

Contact: nicoleipgwellness@bell.net | 613.816.6454

Founder & Head Coach


    B.Sc. Honors, double major | Physical Sciences
    Cum Laude – University of Ottawa – 2003-2008

    Personal Training Specialist
    Canadian Fitness Professionals – 2010

    Nutrition & Wellness Specialist
    Canadian Fitness Professionals – 2012

    Life & Confidence Coach
    Certified Coaches Federation – 2016

    TWIST Sport Conditioning Leader

    P90X Group Fitness Instructor


    Experience & Background

    • Founder and Head Coach of IPG Wellness Services Inc. (see attached IPG Company Bio)
    • Corporate wellness service provider for TD, CENX, Sander Geophysics, Sicotte Guilbault Legal Services and others (variable contract lengths, from 2011 to present)
    • Strength Coach in partnership with Capital Strength Training Systems working alongside NHL, NCAA, Olympic and other professional athletes (May 2016-present)
    • Senior Personal Trainer with Movati Athletic accumulating over 10,000 hours of training experience with more than 500 clients of all backgrounds & abilities (2011-16)
    • Geophysicist with Sander Geophysics, travelled to the Middle East & South America (2008-11)


    Life & Business Summary

    33 years young, father of two beautiful kids, entrepreneur, coach and someone who lives and breathes health & fitness. I became a professional in the fitness industry in 2011 to focus on helping people and making a difference. What started as a simple entry level position as a personal trainer quickly turned into dedication and passion to maximize my human potential and teaching others the same. After working for a large Canadian health club chain for 5 years, I decided to take the next big step, go out on my own and founded my own company in order to improve my current and future clients experience, progression and overall satisfaction. IPG Wellness Services is the culmination of thousands of hours of hard work and a labor of love that proves my favorite catchphrase: “Nothing is given, everything is earned.” My current ambition and direction is to create a full service infrastructure within health & fitness centers of luxury condo / apartment buildings in the city of Ottawa. We are currently located within Les Terrasses Francesca (Lépine Luxury Apartments) at 1425 Vanier Parkway. Professional services offered include (but are not limited to): group exercise classes such as Classic Yoga, Chair Yoga, Zumba, Aqua Fitness & Full Body Fitness, personal services such as Personal Training & Swimming Lessons and therapeutic services such as Massage & Fascial Stretch Therapy.



    Personal Training Specialist (CanFitPro 2017)

    Low Back Fundamentals (DTS Education 2017)

    Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 1 (Stretch to Win 2018)

    Sport Conditioning Leader (TWIST 2018)

    CPR, AED & First Aid Certified


    Experience & Background


    Fitness & Life Philosophy

    Initially my love for fitness started at a very young age. I always enjoyed playing sports and being active. It was not until high school where my true passion set fire. I was fortunate to be able to take a class focused on traditional weight training which further brought out in me the health and fitness enthusiast I am today and will be forever. From that moment on, I decided that I wanted to share my love and passion with others and help them achieve their goals and become the stronger, healthier and best version of themselves. No matter how busy life gets, finding balance and making time for your own personal wellbeing is crucial. With that being said, I am here to inspire, educate and create individualized workout programs that deliver results and transform peoples lives. My training specialties include fat loss, calorie burn, endurance training, pre/post natal exercise, plyometrics, back/core strength and mobility/flexibility improvement. You know you’re ready to finally make smart, healthy and positive lifestyle changes. Remember, today is the BEST time for you to start, not tomorrow. So my question to you: what are you waiting for?