Lépine Apartments Health & Fitness Centers

IPG Wellness Services has partnered with Lépine to provide health and fitness services within Les Terrasses Francesca. At IPG, we truly believe SMART lifestyle habits that include exercise, sound nutrition and stress management through proper coaching will lead to a strong body, a focused mind, productive, fulfilling life!

Join a group exercise class such as yoga or Zumba, led by some of the best instructors in the city. IPG Wellness Services also provides free monthly guided tours and equipment demonstrations of the health and fitness centre.

Personal Training

Whatever your goal, a certified personal trainer with IPG Wellness Services can help you exercise properly so you improve your mobility and strength, increase your energy and confidence and reduce the risk of injury.                                                                                Exclusive Offer to Lépine Apartment residents: your very first Personal Training session is absolutely FREE to allow everyone a chance to try out this amazing and potentially life changing professional service!

Group Exercise Classes

From Aqua Fitness to Chair Yoga, Full Body Strength to Cardio + Core, IPG Wellness Services offers a multitude of group exercise classes. What better way to improve your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular capacity than with experienced instructors alongside other dedicated residents of your building? If you want to meet new people, have fun and work hard all at the same time, join an IPG Group Exercise Class today!

Fitness Centre Demonstrations

New to the gym and don’t know where to start? Join a certified health & fitness professional with IPG Wellness Services for FREE periodical guided tours of the fitness facility and demonstrations of the high end equipment and amenities. No sign up required, this complimentary service is a perfect starting point for anyone intrested in becoming healthier through exercise and fitness.  

Professional Equipment Fitting

Maybe you want to use the gym on your own without the aid of a personal trainer. But where do you start? Which machines should you use first? How do you adjust the seat height? Should you stretch before or after your workout?

All questions, concerns and issues will be fully addressed by purchasing a Customized Exercise Program. This high-quality product is delivered by Phil Hurtubise, Founder and Head Coach of IPG. Phil will spend a handful of hours with you to assess your mobility, body mechanics and movement limitations. He will then demonstrate and teach all necessary exercises to help improve your flexibility, strength and conditioning. Everything covered in the educational training sessions will be digitally captured to give you a full database of videos and still pictures so you don’t forget anything. At the conclusion, you will receive your fully personalized 12 week (3 days per week) training program created specifically for the health and fitness center at Lépine Apartments.

Educational Workshops

IPG Wellness Services is proud to offer the residents of Lépine and Centurion periodical workshops and seminars. These educational opportunities cover a multitude of topics including but not limited to: Fall Prevention, Benefits of Regular Exercise, Nutrition, Personal Training, Exercise Machine Demonstrations and more. To learn more and to be kept up to date on our seminars, new classes and promotions, please sign up to our official mailing list by sending an email to info@ipgwellness.com.


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