Customized Exercise Program Design

Custom Training Designed for YOU!

* Remote coaching from ANYWHERE in the world
* Initial assessment questionnaire and independent baseline testing
* Customized and evolving fitness and training plans for home, hotel or personal gym
* Nutritional advice and guidelines based on location and available amenities
* Full online support and guidance through video portals (i.e. Skype), email, Facebook Messenger and more
* Additional exercise clarification and explanation with video messaging

Sample Workout: Back & Shoulders

Regular warm-up + stretching & dynamic movements 15 minutes

3 Rounds
Machine lat pull-down x 15/12/12*
+ high plank @ 30/45/60 seconds

*if weights are not indicated, use your better judgment. First round should be easy, second challenging and third difficult with a few reps (1-3) left in the tank.

3 Rounds
Seated DB shoulder press x 12/10/10 @ 40/45/50lbs
+ chest supported (bench) DB rows x 12/12/12 @ 40/45/50lbs

3 Rounds
Standing upright rows with EZ curl bar x 10/10/10 @ 40/50/60lbs
+ standing alternating DB front shoulder raise x 10/10/10 @ 15/20/25lbs

2 Rounds
Machine seated rows x 20/failure

2 Rounds
Machine shoulder press x 20/failure

Train Smart

eat smart

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