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Personal Training

Here at IPG Wellness Services, Personal Training (PT) is our “bread & butter”. A professional service that is becoming more popular and commonplace, PT can do so much for an individual. A personal trainer with IPG Wellness can help clients build lean muscle, burn fat, increase strength, reduce stress, boost confidence, improve heart health and minimize the risk of injury while exercising. Our professionals spend quality time with clients to listen to their needs so we can properly plan and strategize to set attainable goals and eventually reach sustainable results. The approach is fully customized because no two clients are the same. Bottom line, we want clients to be able to move in a healthy, pain-free manner and to be strong, happy, satisfied people that can truly say “I Phil Good” after a training session

Athletic Strength & Conditioning

In addition to helping so many members of the general public reach their health & fitness goals, we’ve also had the pleasure of working with high level athletes to help take them to the next level. We follow scientifically based protocols to focus on improving the athlete’s sport specific needs. We start by assessing body mechanics to detect the athlete’s strengths and limitations before moving on to teaching the proper fundamentals and functional movements (squat, hinge, push, pull, lunge). From here, we build necessary strength and start to work on the “good stuff” such as agility, speed, power, coordination and stamina. No stone is left unturned as we also emphasize self-care, proper recovery and teaching important nutritional concepts. Everything an athlete would need can be found at IPG Wellness!

Outdoor Bootcamps

One of our most popular services! Our patented PhilTheBurn (PTB) bootcamps bring two amazing things together: fitness and the great outdoors. These group sessions are fun, challenging and complete workouts that include proper warm-up, mobility movements, strength & conditioning, core work, stretching, games, team building, good music and much more! We emphasize full body exercises using various equipment such as TRX, BOSU, frisbees, slam balls and battle ropes. BONUS: Your first ever PTB bootcamp with us is completely FREE so come try it out and see what it’s all about!

Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking

The IPG Wellness Team is more than just personal trainers, we are coaches! And one thing we love to do as coaches is to motivate, inspire and educate. From young athletes and sports teams to HVAC technicians and office workers, we’ve had the privilege over the last few years to host many workshops and educational seminars. Topics range from proper lifting and back care, smart functional athletics and constructive habit formation. Please see the Corporate Wellness tab for more information.

Custom Exercise Programs

So many “fitness programs” exist out there and it’s just so hard to know what’s actually good and what isn’t. This is mainly because most programs are generic templates with no customization. This is where we can stand out. A certified IPG Wellness health & fitness professional will spend a handful of hours with you to assess your mobility, body mechanics and movement patterns. They will then demonstrate and teach all necessary exercises to help improve your flexibility, strength and conditioning. Everything covered in these educational training sessions will be digitally captured to give you a full database of videos and still pictures so you don’t forget anything when performing the exercises independently. At the conclusion, you will receive a fully personalized 12 week (3 days per week) training program created specifically for you and your training space!

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